2017年は様々な活動を行い、7/7にはデビューEP 『Composite』をリリースしリード曲の 「I See You feat. Ruby Prophet」ではDJ MAG Top 100のダンスミュージック・プロデューサーと多数共演しているオランダの有名シンガー Ruby Prophet をフィーチャリングで迎え、iTunes ダンスシングルチャートで2位を獲得し、自身初となる全国ツアーを行う。

9月には10代としては過去に4人しか出演していないUltra Japanに出演、10月には日本人で初めてイギリスのEnhanced Musicから、さらにイタリアのMedia Records からそれぞれRemix曲をリリース。精力的に活動し国内そして国外にMATZの名を広めている。今後日本のダンスミュージック界を背負う次世代アーティストとなるだろう。

MATZ was inspired by Electro Dance Music and started to make his original tracks with his computer at the age of 15. By posting his tracks on SoundCloud, MATZ started to grab the attentions of the local DJs in Japan. 

2017 was a big year for MATZ. On July 7th MATZ released his debut EP “Composite” including the leading song 「I See You featuring Ruby Prophet」, and “Composite” hit the charts very strongly and ended up reaching #2 in the iTunes dance album chart in Japan. Following the hit MATZ finished his first nation wide tour. In September MATZ became the 4th Japanese teenage DJ to play in the Ultra Japan. Moreover MATZ released two remixes from Enhanced Music and Media Records. MATZ is starting to spread his name not only in Japan but also to the world. MATZ is growing to become the leading artist for dance music in Japan.